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‘Popinator’ – the world’s first fully automated, voice activated popcorn launcher.

Some things are completely lazy, yet incredibly awesome. This is one of those things, a popcorn launcher that fires a piece of popcorn at your mouth whenever you say ‘pop’. The launcher detects your voice from two microphones, from the small time delay between the sound of your voice been detected by each microphone it can adjust the pan and tilt of the launcher to shoot the popcorn in the direction of your mouth for consumption. Check out the video for a demo of how it operates.

[Product Page] via [Oh Gizmo]


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Dead Kindle – Part 1

So a few days ago I bought a book on amazon, pickup my kindle and press the power button to download the book and an greeted with this.

Yep my Kindle has succumb to the end of it’s life after 1 year 9 months of use, conveniently that 9 months out of the warranty period. I still regard the purchase of my kindle one of the best purchases I have ever made however I was hoping to get a lot more use out of it. Now off to contact Amazon and see if there is anything they can do with it been out of warranty.